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Hi all!
I am very pleased to announce that we are now OPEN! However, there are some changes to
keep us all as safe as possible during this concerning time. From now onwards we will only
be operating via appointment only, this helps me minimise the amount of people in the
building at the same time and to also give myself and the lady time to thoroughly deep clean
in-between clients. We will not be putting a rota on the website or having receptionists during
this time as i feel the less traffic in and out of my premises the better so unfortunately my
receptionists and staff members who operate the websites and such are still furloughed until
further notice so you will have to call the shops landline or the shops mobile to enquire.

Furthermore to this i do have a few rules and regulations in place at the minute that i will explain to you on your arrival and when you make an appointment but there is one i would just like to point out as it is an absolute must. Please do NOT come if you are feeling unwell under NO circumstances. thank you

Our opening hours during this time are 10am – 8pm. Last booking being 7:30.

I thank you all for your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you back safely.



The shop has now been completely renovated. please come along and have a look at our new look!!

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